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We’re a family-owned local business specializing in sod installation and artificial turf in Eagle. Our dedication to enhancing outdoor spaces with quality and precision sets us apart.

sod installation process - Idaho

Sod Installation Process

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our detailed sod installation process. Here’s how we ensure the highest quality lawn for your Idaho property:

sod site preparation - Idaho

Site Preparation: We start by clearing the job area of weeds and existing grass, ensuring a clean slate for new sod.

sod installation soil preparation - Idaho

Soil Conditioning: The soil is then conditioned and leveled, creating the perfect bed for sod installation.

sod laying & sod rolling - Idaho

Sod Laying: Our team carefully lays the sod, ensuring tight seams and even coverage for a uniform look.

watering freshly installed sod - Idaho

Rolling and Watering: We finish by rolling the sod to ensure good soil contact and initiating a watering schedule to encourage sod roots to establish into the ground.

Clean Up and Enjoy: Once your new lawn receives enough water, our team meticulously cleans up the job site, leaving your driveway and pavers spotless and ready for you to enjoy your rejuvenated property!

This process, from preparation to clean-up after installing sod, is designed to ensure the success and longevity of your new lawn.

The Benefits of Sod for Eagle Homes

Opting for new sod brings immediate and long-lasting benefits to Eagle residents:

making green grass - Idaho

Instant Green: Transform your landscape instantly with a lush, green lawn, bypassing the lengthy growth period of seeded grass.

how to establish healthy roots in sod - Idaho

Root Establishment: Our sod installation process promotes healthy sod roots, ensuring your lawn remains robust and resilient.

repairing sod - Idaho

Your Existing Grass: Our expert techniques ensure seamless integration for the overall health and appearance of your lawn.

Chamberlain & Sons Landscaping is dedicated to providing Eagle with top-tier sod solutions, making sure your outdoor space is as vibrant and welcoming as the community we serve.

Understanding Artificial Turf

When considering landscaping options for your home’s project, distinguishing between artificial and synthetic turf is essential. While both terms are often used interchangeably, synthetic turf might imply a specific type of turf used for athletic fields, whereas artificial typically refers to the broader category of man-made grass surfaces. Both install options offer a practical, attractive solution for any backyard across the Eagle area, particularly in environments where weather conditions can be challenging.

artificial turf - Idaho

The Benefits of Turf for Eagle Homes

Artificial or synthetic turf stands up well to the hot temperatures common in the Treasure Valley, maintaining a vibrant green appearance without the need for mowing or sprinklers, a significant advantage during dry spells. It’s ideal for back yard areas, athletic facilities, and even commercial landscaping needs where durability and low maintenance are priorities.

Preparing for Your New Lawn or Turf

soil prep for new sod - Idaho

Soil Preparation for Sod

A successful sod installation begins with proper soil preparation. Using a sod cutter, we remove any grass or weeds and then enhance the soil with top soil and starter fertilizer to ensure a nutrient-rich foundation. The ground is leveled with a lawn roller to prevent any future issues with mud or water pooling.

ground prep for artificial turf - Idaho

Installing Artificial Grass

For artificial grass installation, the process involves laying a stable base layer, often composed of crushed rock or sand, to ensure proper drainage and stability. The turf is then rolled out, carefully trimmed, and secured. It’s crucial to avoid walking on the new turf installed for a few weeks to allow everything to settle properly and ensure the root system of any adjacent natural areas isn’t disturbed.

FAQ’s: Installing Sod & Turf

The price can vary based on the square footage of your yard and the type of sod selected. Our team offers excellent service at a great price, providing detailed estimates tailored to your project.

Yes, but the dirt should be properly prepared with top soil and fertilize before the sod is installed to ensure the sod takes root effectively.

The number of rolls depends on the roll size, but our team will calculate the exact square footage to ensure your new yard is covered.

Initial installation costs for artificial grass can be higher, but savings on lawn care and water make it cost-effective over time.

Yes, but a base layer is recommended for stability and drainage.

A base of crushed stone or sand is common, ensuring proper drainage and a stable foundation.

Post-Install Sod Care and Maintenance

Ensuring your lawn remains lush and vibrant is crucial, especially in the following weeks. Proper lawn care begins with the application of starter fertilizer to promote healthy root growth. Integrating a sprinkler system is essential, especially in hot weather, to maintain the landscape and prevent the weather from affecting your lawns health.

Regular maintenance should include monitoring the irrigation to prevent create mud scenarios, especially near vegetation, driveways, and gardens. Fertilizing at recommended intervals will sustain the greens in your backyard, ensuring your outdoor haven remains a source of pride and relaxation.

Why Choose Chamberlain & Sons Landscaping?

Choosing Chamberlain & Sons means opting for top-notch service and professional expertise tailored to your landscape needs. Our dedication to excellence has seen us transform numerous lawns into stunning landscapes. Our company prides itself on delivering excellent service, ensuring every job is completed to the highest standards with customers satisfaction at the forefront.

Our team is skilled in handling various projects, from intricate paver installations that enhance access to and from your house to unraveling lush lawns that withstand the rigors of Idaho’s weather. Trust us to install the perfect outdoor setting you envision, making Chamberlain & Sons the go-to company for your every landscaping need.

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