We recently completed a flagstone walkway, freshening up beds with more rock and installing a boulder retaining wall for this customer. Our team worked hard to bring life back into this property and the result is stunning! Homeowners looking for reliable landscaping services can trust Chamberlain & Sons' experienced crew to deliver beautiful results at great prices. Contact us today for your own project estimates!


At Chamberlain & Sons Landscaping, we recently completed a beautiful landscaping project for one of our clients. Our team worked quickly and efficiently to install a concrete patio/walkway, snake river rock, plants, sod and sprinkles. We were even able to get the job done before the rainy weather came in! Additionally, we will be coming back soon to finish up with some new curbing as soon as the temperature warms up. Take a look at our pictures here and see what amazing work we can do for your home!


At Chamberlain & Sons Landscaping, we recently completed a beautiful outdoor project. We used Shelton Retaining Wall Bench to hold back the soil and constructed Catalina Grana Pavers with Basalt natural stone steps for a stunning walkway leading up to the patio. Combining these materials creates an elegant yet functional design that is sure to wow any homeowner. Our dedicated team worked hard to ensure that this project was done right, and we are delighted with how it turned out!

Contact us now to get a quote

Contact us now to get a quote


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