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The entire reason for having a sprinkler system on your property is to save you time and money. If it is not well maintained, there is no chance that this will happen. In fact it will probably result in steadily increasing water bills and a bad looking lawn to boot. How do you combat this problem? Call our professional Boise sprinkler installation team. Our service techs have many years of combined experience with just such services. With a few simple tweaks to your pop up heads and drip lines we can have your system running optimally in no time. This usually only take a couple of hours and can make a huge difference in the look of your yard and the bottom line of your water bill.

Sprinkler Repair Process

While it may not seem like a small adjustment can make such a big difference it really does. Our sprinkler installation team has seen it time and again. A sprinkler system is a highly tuned series of valves that work in accordance to the water pressure that flows through them. If one valve gets clogged or breaks, it can throw off the water pressure of the entire system causing every single sprinkler head to under perform. This can lead to areas being over or under watered resulting in a patchy looking lawn.

Our service techs will do an initial audit of your system looking specifically for sprinkler heads that seem to be compromised. These heads will either be replaced or repaired before the entire system is fine tuned. There are several times when sprinkler heads simply need to be cleaned to return them to their optimal settings. This is especially true for those heads that are in natural drainage areas or planting beds where debris tends to accumulate.

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Of course, pop up heads are only one place where your system may be failing you. If you have noticed a large increase in your water bill but haven’t been able to locate its source, it might be an underground leak. If you have noticed a soggy spot in your lawn or your water meter slowly spins even though all of the water in your home is off, this is probably a sign of a broken irrigation line. Our sprinkler installation team has the latest electronic leak detection equipment and can use it to quickly identify any such leaks. This will both speed up repair time and prevent us from having to individually inspect each line with our video snake equipment.

Whatever the problem with your sprinkler system, we’ll be able to quickly diagnose it and get it fixed so you are back to having a great looking lawn at a lower cost than you have now. Call the Chamberlain & Sons Landscaping team for a quote now!

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What’s the secret to fast, effective sprinkler repairs? Having the right parts for the job! That’s why we bring the industry’s best parts and equipment to every job, whether we’ll need it or not – because surprises happen. What looks like a broken sprinkler head may actually be the result of a broken sprinkler valve, or a faulty sprinkler timer. It’s important to have all parts on hand so we can spend less time in transit, and so we’ll never have to use the wrong parts for the job. If you want duct tape and temporary fixes, call a handyman – if you want real sprinkler repairs that last, call our Idaho irrigation team!billboard sprinkler system - Sprinkler System Installation & Repair