Your landscaping deserves a finish that adds health benefits and aesthetics! Get our mulch and rock installation services in Boise, Meridian, Eagle and nearby communities.

The ground coverings for your landscape beds are an important aspect of both health and beauty for your plants. Most popular being mulch and rock, which are the final additions that bring your landscaping design to life and create an eye-catching curb appeal.

Currently, our mulch and rock services are available in the communities of Boise, Eagle, Meridian and other nearby areas. We’re your team with a knowledgable staff when you need cubic yards of landscape rock in Boise. We provide the majority of our mulch services during the spring while we are performing spring cleanups, but it can be done at any time.

Mulch and rock installation at a residential property in Happy Valley, OR.

Ground covers provide health benefits for your plants.

For most homeowners, mulch or rock is the last step in well-designed landscape projects. The vibrancy in color and materials provide a pleasing and contrasting look to the plants. It’s also nice to add stones and boulders to accent the grass and leaves. However, the benefits of laying ground coverings in your landscaping go far beyond beautification. Mulch, rock and screened topsoil provide a plethora of health benefits to your landscaping:

  • Mulch provides soil aid and prevents soil from erosion.
  • It provides insulation to the soil from extreme temperature changes.
  • Mulch retains moisture in the soil, which promotes healthy growth of the plants, flowers, and trees in your landscaping.
  • It assists in weed prevention by blocking direct sunlight and making it hard for weeds to reach the surface.
  • There is less need for water, herbicides, and fertilizer in your landscaping beds.

Maintaining Your Mulch and Rock

We recommend replenishing mulch and rock on a regular basis to ensure your landscaping is getting the full benefits. As a rule, mulch is refreshed yearly and rock is refreshed bi-yearly. To receive the full benefits of mulch and rock, it should be installed at least 2-3 inches thick. Our team will take measurements of your landscape beds to determine exactly how much ground coverings you’ll need.

Popular Mulch/Rock Ground Covers in Boise, ID.

In the Treasure Valley, ID area, there are a wide variety of mulches and rock ground coverings to choose from. However, there are a few that seem to be the most popular among our clients. The most common mulches and rock ground covers we install include:

  • Medium Black & Tan
  • Rose & Black Basalt
  • 3/8 Minus Red & Black Lava
  • Medium Blue Pearl
  • River Rock
  • Sunset Quartz
  • 3/4 Round & Chipped Rock
New mulch and rock installed along a pathway at a home in Troutdale, OR.