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We offer drip line and sprinkler system installation & repair at an affordable price.

It is another water-efficient sprinkler system that can come in handy. It can release water at a slower rate ensuring that the ground absorbs it which is similar to a drip system. Here are the different types of rotor systems available:

  • Pop-up Spray – used for a continuous distribution of water in different patterns through the nozzles. These spray heads are designed to cover a radius between three to fifteen feet with operating pressure between fifteen and thirty psi.
  • Impact – can provide multiple streams of water in an arc pattern ranging from 40º to 360º and are designed to cover a larger area.
  • Gear Driven – feature enclosed body designs that can prevent clogging from dirt and other debris which is why they require low maintenance.
  • Large Turf – larger than any of the above-mentioned options and can cover a radius up to one hundred feet with flows as high as eighty gallons per minute.

For environmentalists, the drip system is one of the best options. It is water-efficient and can be suitable for different plantings as it uses a fraction of the water and supplies it slowly to the soil allowing it to absorb it at its own pace. The drip devices are available in different types such as bubblers, drippers, soakers and micro-sprayers. In fact, you can customize this system to meet the requirement of different plants.

A valve box is an enclosure designed to provide a safe environment for the components that comprise an irrigation system. It protects them from vandalism, the elements and damage due to mowers, string trimmers, etc. An irrigation system is typically divided into several zones, each of which feeds sprinkler heads in a different area of the lawn or garden, and each zone is controlled by a valve that receives signals from a centrally located controller.

When it comes to housing the valves, manifolds, wiring etc., you can choose to put them uncovered in a hole in the ground or use an underground valve box, unless you are installing anti-siphon valves. These have to be installed above ground.

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