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Retaining Wall Installation

Take your yard to the next level with retaining walls! These small facades add an extra layer of dimension to your landscape while keeping it organized. Get a quote fastest by using the form or calling Chamberlain & Sons Landscaping at 208-515-9833 today.

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    We offer retaining wall construction for your yard at an affordable price.

    Boulder Retaining Walls

    Boulder-Walls are a form of the oldest and longest lasting type of retaining walls. They are actually natural stone walls. Rather than being made of smaller stones, they are typically built of fieldstone boulders.These types of retaining walls also offer a natural or rustic look.

    This look fits well in Idaho and especially for a non-formal or natural looking landscaping. In addition, this type of wall will last the longest. Those boulders have been around for thousands of years and will be here for thousands of years to come. No other retaining wall material will last as long as boulders.

    Concrete Block Retaining Walls

    One of the main benefits of building a concrete block wall is that it can take almost any shape, so it is very likely that the finished product will look exactly like the design you had in mind. If you compare concrete to any other building material like wood, a concrete block wall will be much stronger. The benefit of this is that is you’re planning to build a block retaining wall on your concrete patio, it will be much more resistant to any kind of damage.

    Due to its strength, concrete block walls are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions such as floods, high heat and strong winds, plus, concrete is by nature fire resistant, that means your home will be protected in case of a fire emergency.

    Stone Veneer Retaining Walls

    Whether it’s an engineered wall on a cut slope or a short seat wall to hold back a raised bed, veneered retaining walls ooze high end luxury. This is the landscape architects’ specialty because virtually any outcome can be created using this type of construction. The veneer itself is merely aesthetic, but inside is the solid core wall that does all the work.

    These retaining walls can be designed in virtually any thickness and height, although any over four feet will require footings and reinforcing steel. This provides a creative way for solving problems with a superior product that’s unique to your project (since every one will be different). Although other types of retaining walls may appear similar, they’ll never retain the same value of a custom stone veneer wall.

    Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

    Prized for their strength and versatility, concrete retaining walls require precise construction methods. With this high level of technicality comes incredible versatility. Poured concrete retaining walls can be colored, textured, accented with embedded objects and much more. When installed properly, concrete offers much more room for customization than any other retaining wall material.

    Poured concrete retaining walls can also be decorative and reproduce the look of stone or masonry. The construction process for these decorative walls involves setting the forms, installing form liners inside the forms (this provides the texture), pouring colored or plain concrete, then stripping the forms and staining the concrete to look like stone or masonry.


    Save up to 10% on all retaining wall construction services

    Book your custom retaining wall installation service by June 1st, 2021 and get 10% off the total project cost – up to $3,000 off! Combine this service with a new flagstone or paver patio for an even better deal! The discount will be reflected on your closing invoice. Some restrictions apply. Chamberlain & Sons Landscaping reserves the right to modify the terms of this promotion at any time. Contact us for details.


    What our customers are saying...

    “Great guy, great company”

    Had them out to put a new patio in at my home along with some landscaping. Very reasonable and high quality! Will definitely hire again.. Thanks Charlie

    Luke A.


    “10/10 recommend these guys”

    Chamberlain & Sons helped my husband surprise me with new sod while I was away for a weekend. C&S ripped everything out including the curbing, leveled the yard, and hooked us up with sod just as we went into fall last year. Now we have an awesome blank canvas to create a great little backyard sanctuary. Looking forward to irrigation turning on so our cute little yard grows in lush and green!

    Carley P.


    “Very pleased with our new patio”

    They were very professional, didn’t cut corners, finished the job nicely and cleaned everything up perfectly. Charlie was very easy to work with and responsive to our desires. Kept us posted as to the status at all times. Will definitely use again and highly recommend them.

    Jody C.


    “Did a great job”

    We hired Charlie yesterday for a project in our yard. He was hard-working and did a great job. I would definitely use him again for future projects.

    Alicia K.


    How It Works.

    Our process is pretty consistent with most landscaping companies, but here’s a brief overview so you know what to expect.

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    Let it Grow!

    Your project is done! We hope it's even better than you imagined. If not, let us know what you need. Any unpaid balance is due now.

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    Save up to 15% on Natural Stone and Paver Patios
    Save up to 15% on Natural Stone and Paver Patios
    Promotion Details Start Date: September 1, 2022 End Date: November 15, 2022 Chamberlain & Sons Landscaping is offering up to 15% off the final cost to install a new patio made from natural stone or pavers! Your landscaping project must match the following criteria to be eligible for this promotion: The project must include the...

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